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There are many different reasons to perform the valuation, for example, asset sale or mortgage credit, insurance  or transfer of ownership, prejudice. In each case the valuation process will depend on its aim.

Frequently the experience and qualification of appraiser, his/her ability to assert the valuation results strongly influence the conclusion of agreements and contracts and welfare of the company.

Northern Capital Auditors have the 13 years experience in valuation in the following directions:
  • business valuation;
  • valuation of assets of investment funds;
  • valuation for the IFRS purposes;
  • valuation of estate;
  • valuation of equipment;
  • valuation of transport;
  • valuation of securities
  • valuation of receivables;
  • valuation of goodwill;
  • revaluation of fixed assets;
  • valuation of intellectual property;
  • valuation of damage.
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